Indian students opt for Italy to complete higher education


In the last couple of years, Italy has become one of the most sought after study destinations by Indian students. Italy ranks as one of the eight most industralised countries in the world and promises much more than internationally recognised education, along with opportunities to study Italian and experience one of the fashion capitals of the world. Some of the oldest universities in Italy have alumni who were pioneers in the fields of medicine and architecture. For example, University of Bologna had names such as Dante Aligheri and Nicolaus Copernicus, studying at the university while the University of Pisa had noted physicist and astronomer, Galileo, amongst Nobel Prize winners as its alumni.

From 2003 onwards, there has been a surge in the number of scholarships being offered to Indian students by various universities in Italy. Srividya, visual manager of Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce says that 25 scholarships were offered for post-graduate studies in software engineering and research in wireless technology, along with four month internships with companies like Marconi, a telecommunications company now under Ericsson.

Besides being leaders in the fields of technology and science, Srividya says, “Milan is one of the fashion capitals of the world. We have had a number of NIFT graduates who have gone abroad to study fashion in Italy, because they wanted to broaden their horizon and study in a country that is at the forefront of fashion.” These students have returned to India and have been absorbed by fashion houses here. The University of Milan and Istituto Marangoni offers scholarships covering tuition fees to fashion designing students. The latter in fact is already at the Indo-Italian Chamber looking to recruit students for their university.

The employment opportunities for Indians who have completed their higher studies in Italy are many, however about the lack of records of Indians who have studied in Italy, she says, “We have no record of students who have continued to live and work in Italy or of students who have returned, since we only started promoting education in Italy in a big way only this year. We were overwhelmed ourselves by the response we got, but with a road-show later this year, we hope to have alumni and scholarship winners who will be speaking about their experience in Italy.” In fact, 2007 has been declared as the Year of Italy by India, and there are prospects of exchange programmes opening up between management institutions like the IIMs. But what is the cost of education in Italy? Domestic expenses can amount up to 1,000 Euros a month, inclusive of housing, which is not much, but will vary depending on one’s lifestyle. But one does have the opportunity to work part-time, within the university and outside.


Nanda said…
Could you please provide me the list of universities for doing MS-indutrial engg or Production Management in Italy.
Animal Lover said…
Hi,I needed some guidance.My husband is moving to Italy in SDA Bocconi,Milan and I would be moving with him.I want to continue working .I have experience in Banking.Could you help me with some group/job site where I could view such opportunities.
Anonymous said…
hi i am a 2nd year fashion designing student from nift kolkata.i want to do my post graduate or exchange programme in italy but i need scholarship to do that. can u plz tell me some institute which offers that.
Anonymous said…
hi i am a 2nd year fashion designing student from nift kolkata.i want to do my post graduate or exchange programme in italy but i need scholarship to do that. can u plz tell me some institute which offers that. my id is
salil said…
hey...could tell me if Indians students are allowed to work part time in Italy...
dhruv said…
i am an architecture student from india and looking for a room on sharing basis during my internship period that is from july to december 2009. do inform me if its available.
Anonymous said…
My friend and I were recently talking about the prevalence of technology in our day to day lives. Reading this post makes me think back to that debate we had, and just how inseparable from electronics we have all become.

I don't mean this in a bad way, of course! Societal concerns aside... I just hope that as the price of memory drops, the possibility of copying our brains onto a digital medium becomes a true reality. It's a fantasy that I dream about all the time.

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ganesh said…
hi am Pattern designer working in industry.have good skills in pattern making. i need to study in master level in pattern making,,whos offer me to study with schoarship ..pls reply me my id..intrested in studies in advance level.
radhika said…
hi this is radhika from chennai.can u provide me the details for staying with my family in torino italy with 1500euros.will tat be sufficient formy family my stay is for 18 months.iam having one year old provide me the details regarding stay,food....
Rajith said…
Greetings from Maitri Global education Florence, Italy!!

Maitri Global Education is an organization making a bridge between India and Italy providing a Home away Home for Indian students in Italy. Maitri Global Education is an official representative of Polimoda, Lorenzo De Medici, Palazzi Institutions and Florence Design Academy in India and for some of them we are the unique representative for all of India.
Our goal is to assist Indian students coming to Italy so that they can pursue their higher studies or get an Italian experience which can add value to their resume. We hope that the study of fashion and design in Italy and cultural immersion can enrich every students’ knowledge, experience and contribute to a greater career in life.
Maitri Global Education helps the student with admission procedures, visa guidelines, accommodation in Italy and above all become a HOME AWAY HOME and a POINT OF REFERENCE for the parents and the home institute.

MGE represent four major prestigious institutions from Italy in India. The top most is the POLIMODA which is a number 1 Fashion Institute in the world where FIT students from NY come to study. It is presided by Versace and Ferragamo. Within the institute itself you will find Polimoda srl the association for more than 35 famous Italian companies where the Polimoda students go for internship. if you are interested please write to me and attach your CV along with it. please make sure to mention what course you would like to attend and when. If you have any further informations please do not hesitate to contact me on
Rajith Nair
Student Advisor
Maitri Global Education
Via Bernardo Cennini 12/R
Florence 50123 Italy
cell: +39 3899212376 .
sff said…
I’m interested to be admitted in your University. I found your brief profile in
Can you pls send your details to get admission at
david said…
hi.i completed my engineering here in india in electronics and communication engineering................ i wanna do mba there so could please provide information about it whether they r providing any free education what r the particulars and what the months of intakes and all...... please send those details to my mail is
Anonymous said…
hey, i just completed my architecture and am looking at a masters in interior architecture. can anyone tell me what the best places are for such a course in italy.
and also i would like to know if like fashion design, if interior design also has a big market in italy, in terms of both, job oppurtunities and the exposure that one hopes for from a masters degree.
vkm said…
Hi,I needed some guidance.i stay in Modena and want to continue working .I have 6 years experience in Project/IT management and business Analysis.Could you help me with some group/job site where I could view such opportunities and if i can apply for some courses in MSC or phd in italian colleges.thanks
Anonymous said…
as Italy is a European people are eager to move because there is no hassle like other countries USA Canada Aus, NZ. but they do offer PR after completing studies. I heard that its very hard to find in italy.
Dr Sunil said…
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Jhon anderson said…
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Kiran Kijo said…
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Sree Jayanthi said…
hi i am jayanthi from andhra pradesh i got admission in Florence design academy is there any anyone to help me out to know about FDA.are there any possibilities to get a part time without knowing Italian.
kkl said…
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