Newspapers can be browsed on your mobiles

MPaper' gives the option of browsing the pages of 11 Indian Leading English newspapers

HYDERABAD: A pioneer in providing access to newspapers over the web, city-based Pressmart and IMImobile, on Wednesday launched `mPaper' giving the option of browsing the pages of 11 Indian English newspapers to mobile users on WAP-enabled phones.

"Tired of waiting to hear the thud of the daily newspaper in the morning and rushing to open your main door? mPaper is the answer. Browse through the pages of 140 newspapers," said Sanjiv Gupta, CEO, Pressmart, at a press conference here on Wednesday.

In just 15 months, Pressmart has a presence in 21 countries, with people in 214 nations accessing newspapers and publications of their choice, with `ePaper' thanks to the initiative. Mr. Gupta said their target in two years was to enable access to a 1,000 newspapers, periodicals and other publications over a mobile phone.


A.R. Vishwanath, CEO, IMImobile, said that based in Hyderabad, the company had a global presence across half-a-dozen countries and was equipped to deliver mobile applications and services to any customer in the world from its data centres.

Simply put, the data, as in newspaper pages was accessed by Pressmart in the form of PDF images and transferred to IMImobile servers for onward transmission to cellular service providers.

From the servers of cellular service providers, it was for the customers to access a newspaper/publication of their choice - initially free access for a limited period and for a subscription fee later on, said Bibhu Kumar, Vice-president - marketing, IMImobiles.

Mr. Sanjiv Gupta said from just reading what a newspaper/website had to offer, things were changing to being an interactive process, with users being given a choice of the time of access and also generating content.


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