The ‘dark' version of Google is a Hit

The ‘dark' version of Google, aptly termed ‘Blackle,' is making waves in the Net.

Darker does not have any disturbing moral connotations here. In fact it is quite ‘lighter' in terms of the monthly power bill.

Blackle is the same as Google except that the background is totally black and the text is in light grey (

It was set up by Heap Media, an Australian firm, after environmentalists proved that black screens consumed only 59 watts of power while white screens consumed about 79 watts.

You can save lots of power by using black background. Heap Media founder Tony Heap said that Blackle would not solve the world's energy problem but was a small effort in that direction. The response to Blackle has been so great that the site even crashed several times. But Google said it has no plans to have a black background.


Jason said…
Some people may find it uncomfortable reading light text on a black background. They might find Greygle to be a better choice for them. It uses a grey background with dark text which they might find easier to read. This still allows for some energy savings while providing an easier reading experience.

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