IT giant, India has lowest Internet penetration

Though India is known as an IT giant, it has the lowest Internet penetration among countries of the Asia Pacific region, a latest study has revealed. Internet research firm comScore, which studied Net behavior of 10 countries in May, found that only three per cent of India's population used the Internet.

South Korea led the pack with 65 per cent of its population using the Internet and was followed by Australia (62 per cent), New Zealand (60 per cent) and Hong Kong (59 per cent).

Though China's Internet penetration is only nine per cent it has the biggest online population of 91.5 million people.
South Korea also has the most active online population, with the average person using the Internet 17.4 days in a month

Playing with Spielberg

Ace director out Steven Spiel berg is bringing two video games in partnership with Electronic Arts. One game is code named LMNO and is said to be a breath taking action adventure in traditional Spielberg ‘Indiana Jones' style.

The other is codenamed PQRS, a puzzle game for the whole family on lazy Sunday afternoons. It was inspired by a meeting the cine director had with Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Mario. In LMNO, which can be run in Playstation and Xbox, the player has to partner with a woman whose character changes as the game progresses.

EA released juicy titbits about the games to whet the appetite of a ficionados in the run up to the mega gaming conference E3, which is opening this week in the US. However, it has not revealed when the Spielberg games will hit the market.

An opera for mobiles

With more persons accessing the Internet using mobile phones, popular browsers are also moving into the territory. Opera, for instance, upstaged rivals by releasing a beta version of its Opera Mini 4 web browser for mobiles the other day. Those who have been browsing the Net using wireless application protocol devices in mobiles are already singing Opera's praises.

It is very fast and has a virtual mouse that can zoom through the web page. There is a scrolling feature as well. Apple has already released its Safari version for the iPhone.


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