Health tips on Cancer and Heart disease

Onions, garlic to prevent cancer

Newyork: Better load up on the breath mints - a new study has found that eating lots of onions and garlic may help prevent cancers.

International researchers have carried out a study and found that people whose diets are rich in onions, garlic, and other alliums have a lower risk of several types of cancer than those who avoid the pungent herbs, the WebMD reported.

According to researcher Carlotta Galeone of the Istituto di Ricerche Farmocologiche in Milan, "The health benefits of onions and garlic have been touted for centuries, but few studies have been able to prove the benefits. Onion and garlic consumption could simply be a marker for a healthier lifestyle and a diet high in cancer-fighting herbs and vegetables."

Salt has no link to heart disease

London: If you think you can lower the risk of heart disease by cutting down on salt, you're wrong if researchers are right.

British researchers have carried out a study and found no conclusive proof of a link between salt and heart disease, which dismisses the theory that salt can cause strokes.

"The evidence that salt is bad for you is non existent. The fact that some foods, such as crisps or pizza, have a high salt content is no reason not to eat them. It will make no difference to your health," according to researcher Dr Joel Dunning. The researchers found that it was impossible to prove a connection between salt and heart disease because of a "lack of adequately powered randomised trials."

Energy drinks in alcohol

Newyork: Most cocktails are cool, but not all especially those that mix alcohol with so-called "energy drinks".

Energy drink cocktails put tipplers at dramatically higher risk of injury and other alcohol related consequences, compared to those consuming plain alcohol, a new study has found.

The researchers found that students who consumed energy drink cocktails were twice as likely to be hurt or injured, twice as likely to require medical attention, and twice as likely to ride with an intoxicated driver, compared to students who did not consume alcohol mixed with energy drinks.

Students who drank alcohol mixed with energy drinks were more than twice as likely to take advantage of someone else sexually.


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