Latte factor is hard to give up!

Latte factor makes the day brighter and happier for most youngsters. Yes, many can't function without their coffee of choice but the latte factor is more than that. This term owes its name to the coffee culture, but it describes the loosening of purse strings on a regular basis for an expensive magazine, CDs, cup of coffee, a certain sandwich from your favourtie daily, taking cabs and getting your hair done only in the best salon… At the end of the month or year, a huge chunk of money is spent on daily expenditure, which might seem trivial in the short run. But it's hard to quit the latte culture as it is one of the highlights of the day.

And you have every reason to indulge in the latte factor in your youth as this is the only time when you have the least amount of responsibilities according to the youth. Rowena Rumah of Ideal Degree College says, "Looking cool is very important so we get our hair cut every two months in fancy parlours." Shoe addict, Mohit Srivastava studying in IIPM adds that apart from ensuring his feet are always well turned out, his monthly budget funds all his chilling out sessions with friends at various hangouts, cellphone and petrol bills.

Clubbing too makes one part with the moolah. As weekends are dedicated to clubbing and you need to constantly update your wardrobe, Stuti Kapoor, another student at IIPM admits, "We spend loads on shoes, clothes and accessories."

On an average youngsters spend anything between Rs 2,000 and 6,000 per month on movies, coffee, lunches, dinners and shopping. Have fun!

Source: DC


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