The new rupee symbol and what it means

Never mind economics, the new Indian currency symbol designed by IITian Uday Kumar is money in the bank. This opinion is courtesy a set of very pleased graphologists, astrologers and numerologists who believe that, like the symbols for the dollar, euro and yen, the new Indian symbol promises the penetration of our currency into the powerful workings of the global financial market.

So far denoted as ‘Re’, ‘Rs’ and ‘INR’, the changed symbol has its own interpretation. “Two parallel lines at the top indicate developing greater inner strength, self sufficiency, while the semi circle in the letter ‘R’ indicates India’s image as an investment-friendly economy,” deduces city-based graphologist Dr Ranadheer Kumar. However, he cautions, “The line passing from the curve at times will pose challenges and stress to the government. Our government must use this logo as many times as possible in international platforms like a spokesperson of our economy.”

Graphologists suggest that the symbol incorporate the tri-colour to engender feelings of self-respect, pride and growth in the economy.

Astrologers though aren’t over the moon: examining the fate of our new currency symbol, based on the time the Union Cabinet chose it, they can safely say that while the symbol will not harm the current economy, it will have little or no impact on our financial state. “The new symbol was decided at Pubba Nakshatram on July 15. This star is undergoing ‘Elinati Shani’ until August 5, 2012. Also, the lord of that star, Venus, is in the expenditure house at that time. This implies that the new symbol will not make much difference to India’s financial fate on the global arena” claims Srinivasa G, a renowned astrologer.

For now, numerologists say that fate also depends on the person who designed the symbol. For most cogs in the financial wheels of India though, it will continue to be business as usual.


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