Using the mobile phone as modem

Cell phone users seeking more computing power for mobile online activities but wary of clunky laptops have a new option: the Ultra-Mobile Personal Computer (UMPC). Built-in Bluetooth wireless technology makes agopc's 1.87 lb. ago7 capable of using any Bluetooth-ready, EDGE- or EV-DO-networked cell phone to make an Internet connection.

“Our lightweight ago7 UMPC is ideally suited to using ‘phone as modem,’ or PAM,” says agopc president and CEO David Carroll, in a posting on the Minneapolis, Minnesota-based company’s web site. agopc has posted a one-page setup guide entitled “Using Your ago7 and PAM” on their website, (linked from the “Buy/Specs” page). ago7 has two USB ports, either of which could be used to communicate with a cell phone’s data network via USB cable. “Using both Bluetooth wireless and USB cables, the agopc team has extensively field-tested EDGE and EV-DO networked phones,” Mr. Carroll says.

“All phone tests with the ago7 worked well and provided convenient, speedy Internet access in a variety of locations.” Though ago7 is small enough to be a convenient communications device, as a Microsoftspec UMPC, it runs the same Windows XP applications used on a desktop or laptop. The 512MB RAM/40GB HDD ago7 model is stated to be the lowest-priced UMPC in the world, at $799 a pop.


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