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What Most Schools Don't Teach

Time for us to learn how to code!

Watched It - then just try to tell me you’re not interested in learning how to code. Go on, Ie dare you!

Best online shopping sites in india

Online shopping has been growing very fast in India, only in 2012 online shopping e-commerce site number has crossed 600 from 100 . Online shopping offers fast, easy, money saving and interesting shopping experience.

Online shopping has many advantages like 24 hours shopping, Shopping with coupon to get discount, shopping from Home, rich product availability and specifications etc. Also now many sites like Shopclues, Ebay, Tradus offers some great deals everyday or week which you can’t resist like Jaw Dropping Deal, Sunday Flea Deal, Tradus Mega deal, Ebay Sankalp deals, Superdeals etc.

Ebay and Amazon are the market leaders in online shopping in the world. However local Shopping deal site are more popular in India. Here is a list of popular websites offering online shopping in India.

Flipkart - Corporate office Bangalore, Karnataka | Establishment – 2007
Business – Online shopping store | Website – founded in year 2007 is a no.1 shopping site i…

One Coin - for all your cards

There are many digital wallet systems that work with our smartphones today, but sometimes, having the physical card to swipe at the counter can be more convenient and takes much less time. Besides, not all shops will accept the type of digital wallet you use. That said, lugging around your credit cards, debit cards, ATM cards, gift cards, etc can be a drag.

We have here a handy alternative called Coin.

Despite its name, Coin is a card, and it carries a magnetic stripe like all your other cards. It works like them too — you can swipe or scan it like you would your loyalty cards, membership cards, credit cards etc when you make your purchases. The difference is, you just need this one master card to do it all.
Inserting Card Information

To use Coin, first you need to insert your card information into it. To do this, you’ll need itssmartphone app (available on iOS and Android) along with a smartphone credit card reader.

Just swipe your card through the reader (dongle) and take a picture …

Honda Illusions, An Impossible Made Possible - New CR-V 1.6 Diesel Video

This ad by Honda uses forced perspective and anamorphic optical illusions to screw up your mind. No computer animation is involved, just clever camera work and paintings on the ground.

Volvo Trucks - The Epic Split feat. Jean Claude Van Damme

In the ad, Van Damme does a stunt that is truly insane, involving an epic split between two Volvo trucks.

It's not clear whether anyone will buy a Volvo after this - the ad is designed to show off the trucks' Volvo Dynamic Steering - but I for one have new found respect for Jean Claude Van Damme, who, by the way, is 53 years old.

Sachin Tendulkar's final Test: Honored with a Postage stamp

One of the game’s all-time greats, Sachin Tendulkar, announced his retirement from one-day cricket, bringing to an end a glorious 23-year-old career in the format during which he rewrote numerous batting records.
“I have decided to retire from the One-Day format of the game. I feel blessed to have fulfilled the dream of being part of a World Cup wining Indian team. The preparatory process to defend the World Cup in 2015 should begin early and in right earnest,” the 39-year-old said in a statement released by the BCCI today.
“I would like to wish the team all the very best for the future. I am eternally grateful to all my well wishers for their unconditional support and love over the years,” he added.
Tendulkar, considered the most complete batsman in modern cricket and one who was considered next only to the legendary Sir Donald Bradman, retires from the ODI format at the top of the run-getters’ list.
Tendulkar goes out after amassing 18,426 runs in 463 one-dayers at an av…