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Website Terms Glossary - Executive Snippets

A glossary of jargon terms used in the HTML and Web Development industry! In alphabetical order!

Content management system (CMS) A centrally managed computing system that allows non-technical users to easily update text and images and modify their organization within a website.

Developer Someone who uses a programming code or a software package to transform the content and visual design into a functional site.

Hyperlink / hotlink / link A clickable item in a site, usually represented by words or images, that will take a user to information in another page or elsewhere in the same page.

Information architecture The structure or organization of your website, particularly the way in which the different pages of the site relate to one another. It also includes the order in which information is displayed on each page, as well as the navigation scheme selected.

Key stakeholders The people who set the tone and overall goals of a website and give required approvals at various stages of the s…