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Youtube in India

Youtube, the largest broadcasting website, has now launched a special section for Indians, called Youtube India and it has a special “Indian lens” in the content which shows what content is being more viewed by Indians. The most popular videos viewed by Indians would be featured in this website, and this would help in targeting Indian traffic viewing them.
A very happy news to all who upload videos and view videos from India, as its going to increase your video popularity as more Indians would be focussed watching videos in Youtube India.

Welcome to India - Youtube video shows how much Indians love Youtube:

Moreover, an Indian version of YouTube allows you to connect with local users like never before –- take a look at the videos being featured on our home page right now and you’ll see everything from a non-resident Indian (NRI) family trying to tell folks back home how much they missed their hot cup of morning tea to the merry whistlers from Bangalore to traffic mayhem in Hyderabad.

So d…

Why we tend to put on fat?

We have seen how after we stop growing in height all the vital organ systems of the body also stop growing. This means any addition to body mass (weight) thereafter is an extra burden and strain on the vital organ systems. Let us see how our body functions as an energy system. Many conflicting estimates, formulae and theories are put forward regarding our food requirements (mentioned in calories) and energy output (day to day activities and exercise schedules also converted into calories).

These are all arbitrary and are not correct in majority of individuals. So, now we talk only of energy intake and energy output. Simply stated this means that the food we take in a day is the energy intake and can be calculated in calories by dividing the food intake into carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Energy output is the sum total of our day to day activities (work, move ment, breathing, digestion of food and any physical exercise that may be added).

Without considering any of these details, the …

Atlast Sreesanth got it!

He asked Andrew Symonds
He asked Mathew Hayden

He even asked Kaif

At last he got it from Harbhajan Singh

China opens longest sea bridge

China formally opened what it says is the world’s longest sea crossing structure on Thursday, a 36 kilometre bridge spanning a bay just south of the eastern business hub of Shanghai. The Hangzhou Bay Bridge links Shanghai to the industrial city of Ningbo across Hangzhou Bay, cutting the driving distance between them by 120 kilometres. It will cut the driving distance between the two key cities, in China’s prosperous Yangtze River delta, by 75 miles and reduce the journey time by one and a half hours. The official opening was shown live on state television on Thursday. The official Xinhua news agency said traffic would start running on the six lane bridge later on Thursday, but trucks will be barred. The bridge is a cablestayed structure built at a cost of $ 1.7 billion. Construction started in November 2003. Some of the financing for the bridge came from private sources, a first for such a large infrastructure project in China. “The bridge has become well-known…