Why we tend to put on fat?

We have seen how after we stop growing in height all the vital organ systems of the body also stop growing. This means any addition to body mass (weight) thereafter is an extra burden and strain on the vital organ systems. Let us see how our body functions as an energy system. Many conflicting estimates, formulae and theories are put forward regarding our food requirements (mentioned in calories) and energy output (day to day activities and exercise schedules also converted into calories).

These are all arbitrary and are not correct in majority of individuals. So, now we talk only of energy intake and energy output. Simply stated this means that the food we take in a day is the energy intake and can be calculated in calories by dividing the food intake into carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Energy output is the sum total of our day to day activities (work, move ment, breathing, digestion of food and any physical exercise that may be added).

Without considering any of these details, the ultimate meaning is very straight and simple. When we are growing in height a lot of energy input is con verted into increase in height and its corresponding increase in weight (2.5 kgs per one inch increase in height).
After the height increase stops, a substantial component of our energy intake becomes excessive. Thereafter if our energy intake and energy output are equal we do no add any weight (body mass is constant).

If our energy intake is more than our energy output we put on weight (body mass increases). This happens commonly and leads to overweight and obesity. If our energy intake is less than our energy output we lose weight. This happens rarely unless we deliberately cut down our food intake.

This is the only way to lose weight. After we stop growing in height we continue the same food habits and quantities (energy intake). The energy output is much smaller. That is why we start putting on weight. More alarming is abnormal increase of food intake and lack of exercise that has spread into childhood resulting in childhood obesity. The main causes are being couch potatoes (television addiction and junk food) and mouse potatoes (Internet games addiction and junk food). This is causing concern all over the world especially in developed countries.


SUKKU said…
Kinda scary, got be careful
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