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Top TouchPads - iPad alternatives

2010 was the year of the iPad. 2011 is the year the competition gets serious. Between a slew of new Android 3.0 slates, the BlackBerry PlayBook, and the HP TouchPad, shoppers will have plenty of compelling Apple alternatives to choose from.
While tablet PCs have been around for yonks, only now are they becoming the desirable, usable and functional devices that we've always wanted them to be – and it's about time too.
The iPad is currently the most obvious example of how tablets are going mainstream, but that's not to say that all tablets released from now on are guaranteed to be super awesome.
HTC Flyer The HTC Flyer is out to prove the pen is not dead. The HTC Flyer is a 7-inch Android slate based on a 1.5GHz Qualcomm single-core processor running Android 2.4 Gingerbread, with a new, refreshed version of HTC Sense. Oh, and just to really stir things up, it has a stylus. URL:  HTC Flyer

Samsung Galaxy Tab The Galaxy Tab 10.1 has similar specs to many other Android 3.0 slates, in…

Future of Screen Technology

This is the result of The Astonishing Tribe's Open Innovation experiment. It is an experience video showing the future of screen technology with stretchable screens, transparent screens and e-ink displays, to name a few.