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Car cleaning tricks save bucks

USE A GUMMY GEL CLEANER This gummy cleaner picks up dust and dirt in hard to reach places such as car vents, dashes, etc. Some of these are equipped with disinfectant and don’t leave a sticky residue. The trick to these cleaners is that you’ll want to keep your hands dry while using them, to maintain ultimate stickiness and effectiveness. While store-bought “cleaning slimes” are available, you can make your own at home and save money. Start with a ½ cup of liquid starch, a 4 oz bottle of Elmer’s glue, and a ¼ cup of water to create the slime.  You’ll soon have a pliable slime that can get in the nooks, crannies and crevices of your interior.
GET A GREAT-SMELLING CAR Does your car’s odor leave something to be desired? Pets, food, and spills can lead to bad odors in your car, but it’s easy to restore your car to a great scent. Sprinkle your car seats with baking soda, and let it sit for several hours, then vacuum clean. The odor-busting properties of the baking soda will neutralize the odo…