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10 Tech Career Boosters

This guide is for students just starting out in the IT industry, but could just as well apply to anyone who wants to set themselves apart in a competitive global environment.

Going by most media and industry reports, technology industries in India are starting to bounce back from the global slowdown. Our country might not be faring as badly as others are right now, but that still doesn’t mean all is well on the job search front. Many of the workers laid off earlier this year are still finding it hard to get new jobs, since companies are only just starting to recover and aren’t looking at expansion opportunities yet. With so many experienced workers and so few job openings, things don’t look very good at all for the lakhs of freshers who will be graduating six or eight months from now and entering the job market for the first time.

“IT” as a career option is a fairly vague, nebulous idea. Everyone knows that IT is hot and there’s lots of money to be made if you’re young and well educated…