After Brangelina, it’s Rajinikanth

India’s highest-paid actor shoots in Pune for Rs 60-cr Sivaji —The Boss
Rajaneesh Vilakudy:

Cameras are rolling in Pune. Weeks after a Hollywood unit picked and camouflaged it as Karachi for the film ‘A Mighty Heart’, Rajinikanth, India’s highest paid actor, is shooting in the city for his latest film ‘Sivaji - The Boss’. The Rs 60-crore film, directed by ace director Shankar, is said to be the costliest Tamil movie ever made.
Sources very close to the production unit said they would shoot in Pune for two days. Previously, they had shot in Panchgani, Satara and Vai village for a week.

It is Pune’s calmness that has brought the production unit to the city. Sources said, “It is a peaceful city, yet cosmopolitan in nature. And we can’t shoot a Rajinikanth movie in Chennai or in other parts of Tamil Nadu. It will be a nightmare.

That is why we have selected Pune and other parts of Maharashtra.

The Vai village near Satara is one of the most beautiful places.” Shankar, who shoots his pictures in a cloak of secrecy, is said to be irked by the Tamil media for leaking out the thread of the much-expected Rajinikanth movie. Rajinikanth, who has a huge fan following in Japan and South-East Asia, had a tough time even while shooting in Spain last month.

Even the film unit was taken by surprise. Sources said, “We couldn’t simply shoot with Rajini. A huge crowd, including mediapersons and cameraman, jostled each other to have a glimpse of him. Everyone wanted to click pictures with Rajini.

We had to even cancel some schedules. We did not expect trouble in Spain.” Some, they added, even managed to click some pictures of the shoot and leaked them out to Tamil newspapers. A livid Shankar has shut the door on the media ever since.

The movie is eagerly awaited in Tamil Nadu and elsewhere as this is the first time the superstar from the South is teaming up with Shankar, maker of films like ‘Jeans’, ‘Anniyan’ and ‘Gentleman’. Slated for release in April, the movie by AVM Productions has songs composed by AR Rehman.

Rajinikanth, whose real name is Shivaji Rao, was born into a Marathi family in Karnataka. Before becoming a phenomenon in Tamil cinema, he was working as a bus conductor in Karnataka.

Though the superstar is said to be getting at least Rs20 crore for the movie, he has taken a token advance of just Rs 1001.

Rajinikanth is India's highest-paid actor, pocketing at least Rs 20 crore a film. Besides, he will get a share in the gross collection of the movie.

He is also Asia's second highest paid actor after Jackie Chan.

When one of his films 'Baba' turned out to be a failure, the superstar returned money to the distributors, who suffered heavy losses.

His latest movie, Sivaji — The Boss, is set to release in April.
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Source: Deccan Chronicle


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