Rajinikanth to play Ravana in Santoshi’s Ramayan?

Raj Kumar Santoshi was on the look-out for a very big star for the vital role of Ravana for his film Ramayan, so he approached Rajinikanth

According to sources, Raj Kumar Santoshi, who has undertaken the ambitious Rs 100 crore film, Ramayan, has managed a casting coup by roping in superstar Rajinikanth to play the role of Ravana. The bi-lingual recreation of the Ramayan, this film is being produced by K Sera Sera, and has real life couple Ajay Devgan and Kajol playing the lead characters of Rama and Sita.

According to sources, Raj Kumar was on the look-out for a very big star for the vital role of Ravana. He went to Chennai recently and met Rajinikanth to see if he’d be interested in doing the role.

Rajini was impressed by the offer but said he needed some time to think about it. Though Ravana is commonly depicted as an evil man, in Indian scriptures he is portrayed as a figure of immense moral and physical strength. He is a man of immense penance, learning and devotion to Shiva.

Santhoshi said that the idea behind making a celluloid version of Ramayan on such a huge scale was to make a definitive Indian film with universal appeal. He has also planned spectacular visuals and is hiring well-known Hollywood special effects teams and technicians. Though the basic structure of the epic will be retained, the director will improvise it to suit today’s modern times.

There was news that our own Kollywood actress Sneha was considered for the coveted role of Sita by the director. He had seen her in the film Sri Ramadasu and was said to be very impressed with her looks and performance. He did a photoshoot with her, but after some considerations, they signed on Kajol instead who made a great comeback with her film Fanaa.


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