Sholay - Ghungroo is different from Basanti

Actress Nisha Kothari has been chosen to play the role of Basanti in Ram Gopal Varma Ke Sholay.

The actress is excited about it and has no qualms that she will be compared to Hema Malini.

“There are bound to be comparisons, but my role is completely different from that of Basanti in the original Sholay. I am playing the role of Ghungroo in Ram Gopal Varma Ke Sholay and I will be riding an autorickshaw named Laila. Ghungroo is bold and has loads of attitude. I have a lot of respect for Hemaji and I am glad that I have got an opportunity to perform her role. I would request my audience to give me an opportunity to showcase my talent,” Nisha says.

She elaborates about her autorick shaw and says, “Laila is very colourful and whatever money that Ghungroo earns is spent on the interiors of the rickshaw. Laila is decorated with disco lights, perfumes, a music system and picture of goddess Durga.” This is the first time that Nisha will be acting with stalwarts like Amitabh Bachchan, Ajay Devgan and Sushmita Sen. But does she have any appre hensions? - “This is my second film with Mr Bachchan. I had done Sarkar with him ear- lier. Yet I am very excited that I am getting a chance to work with him again.

He is the most respectable, mature, professional and talented actor in the indus try,” she says.

She adds that Ajay Devgan is one of her favourite actors and that she will try her best to be at par with them. “I am excited, happy and nervous all at - the same time. I have been preparing for this role for about a month now,” says the actress. Nisha is hopeful about her future in Bollywood.

“If Mr Varma likes and believes in my talent and work, he will sign me for his future films too. But just his films are not my desti nation. I am here to prove myself and I want to do my best,” the Killer actress concludes.


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