Survey says Indian men worst in bed

They might be from the land of the Kamasutra, but Indian men last the least time in bed, from foreplay to the climax. This is one of the highlights of a global survey of more than 40,000 men in 43 countries on their sexual habits.

According to the survey unveiled by Men’s Health, the world’s largest men’s lifestyle magazine, South Korean men had sex the most number of times per week: 4.50.

This figure was 3.27 for Indian men, although it is better than the world average of 2.08.

The magazine has carried the survey findings in a special report “World’s Best Sex Right Here In India” in its November issue. The number of partners for the average man in his lifetime was 4.53 in India — well below the global average of 7.65 and much below the Brazilian score of 11.37.

Polish men are most faithful. Sixtythree per cent of them said they had never cheated with another woman. The percentage for India was 48, just below the global average of 50 per cent.

Compared to the worldwide average of 59 per cent, 73 per cent of Indian males admitted having a onenight stand. In this list, Portugal came on top, with 81 per cent.

Only 28 per cent of Indian men said they would pay anything to please a woman, not far below the global average. The percentage was highest for Indonesia (64 per cent).

The average length of foreplay by British men was 17.44 minutes. This was 13.98 in India, below the global average of 15.78
Source: New Delhi


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