Tips on the hottest hairstyles

When it comes to styling their hair, men tend to take the safest route possible and avoid experimentation. The good news is that you can look stunning with

your signature style if you make these minor changes to your hairstyle. Thankfully, for men, internationally hairstyle trends are moving towards the classy

cuts that always suited men.
CLASSIC CUTS: Think manly, macho. Think George Clooney, Amitabh Bachchan and Pierce Brosnan. A clean cut with neat styling is big. MID-LENGTH HAIR: Bordering

between long and short, this look is sported by Hrithik in Dhoom II. Just enough length to make your hair look a little messy and short enough so that it’s

doesn’t extend beyond the nape of the neck. Note the bangs that he sports in this picture.

ABSOLUTE NO-NOS ¦ The rat tail sported by SRK for a while is totally passe. ¦ Mushroom cut. Even Leonardo Di Caprio is going for a new look, so there’s no

excuse for you to sport this ancient look. ¦ Cover-ups. If you are bald ing, do it naturally like Akshay Khanna. The writer is a Mumbai based hairstylist


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