1 groom, 2 brides: Everyone’s happy

Lucknow: Some call it the wedding of the season while others squirm at the idea — but the groom and his brides appear to be perfectly happy with the arrangement.

In Mahoba district of UP, a unique wedding was solemnised on Friday last when Deepak, a young schoolteacher from Chattarpur in Madhya Pradesh, married two sisters Sita and Gita at the same mandap.

The girls’ father, Kishori Lal, is also happy with this unusual wedding. “What could I do when the girls were adamant on marrying the same man? I tried to convince them, but they would not relent. Even Deepak was keen on marrying both the girls, and so I agreed to get the marriage solemnised. I only pray that there are no problems later on,” he said.

According to Kishori Lal, Deepak takes coaching classes after school hours and his daughters were enrolled there when they fell in love with the teacher. Deepak also reciprocated their feelings and the affair continued till they agreed on marriage.

Deepak, on the other hand, is equally happy with his two brides. “If one can love three or four children equally at a time, why can’t I love both my wives equally? It would have been wrong if I had opted for one and shunned the other,” he adds.

Meanwhile, the chief judicial magistrate of Mahoba, Mr Sunil Misra, says that though two marriages are prohibited in Hindu law, this is a piquant situation because double marriages have been performed at a single ceremony and the problem would be to determine which one was before the other.


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