A lemon a day keeps you fit and beautiful

Lemon must be included in your daily diet because it contains citric acid, malic, potassium citrate etc and is very rich in vitamin C. The abovementioned properties interact with one another and help in the absorption of iron and calcium, improve hemoglobin in the blood and strengthen the bones too. These acids also help in dissolving waste products and excessive fat and cholesterol.

Vitamin C plays a major role in the formation of collagen, which is essential to keep the skin smooth and wrinkle free. A deficiency leads to defective teeth and gastro-intestinal disorders. Lemons can also be used to make you look beautiful.

Here’s how:

1) To improve your complexion, squeeze a fresh lemon in a glass of boiled milk and add 20ml glycerin to it. Leave this concoction alone for 30 minutes and then apply it to your face and other exposed areas of the body. Let it dry and keep it on for the whole night. By repeating this procedure very night you will find gradual improvement. This preparation is also helpful in curing cracked feet, getting rid of pimples and making nails soft and healthy.

2) A glass of buttermilk with the juice of half a lime, is an excellent beauty tonic drink every morning.

3) The paste of tender lemon leaves with a pinch of turmeric powder cures pimples, pimple marks and improves complexion.

4) Mix 75 ml tender coconut water with the juice of one lemon and 75 ml of carrot juice. Drink this regularly to improve the frequency of urination.


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