Suneel Darshan spends Rs 2.5 cr on song

Director Suneel Darshan has shot a song for his film Shakalaka Boom Boom, that costs Rs 2.5 crores. The expensive song was shot in New York featuring Upen Patel with a 100 girls. It has been choreographed by South African professional Tyrone Watkins and was shot in four days.

Justifying the cost of the song, Darshan said that quantity is not important, quality is the priority. The director was very impressed by Watkin’s musical act Fusion — A Bollywood Love Story. Darshan wants to ensure that this movie turns out to be a big break for the actor-turnedmodel. Hence, he has decided to shoot a special title track for Upen.

The music has been com posed by Himesh Reshammiya, who claims that Shakalaka... will outshine the Aashiqui track from 36 China Town.

Darshan is also roping in a UK-based artiste to sing the track. Inevitably, the track will be used as the first promotion of the movie.

The film stars Upen Patel, Bobby Deol, Celina Jaitley and Kangana Ranaut


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