5 things men hate about their wives

1. Possessiveness: Women always seem to have serous security issues. They need men to hold them, and tell them how special they are.

2. Hopping: Not only is the list end less, they check 10 different stores before finally buying something from the one they first saw. You will won der why she spent so much time roaming around.

3. Never satisfied: They spend hours preening in front of the mirror while you do not see the slightest change.

4. Fashion: Her tastes in fashion change so frequently that you either run out of breath trying to catch up, or end up wondering whether you are too dumb to catch up. At the end of the month you will also wonder why your wallet suddenly looks so empty.

5. They notice the minutest things:Why do women have to criticise everything from hairstyle to shoes?
Only a woman can notice something as trivial as the purse not matching the shoes!


Paulo said…
All the 5 things (surely not only five) men hate about their wives are the makings of their husband. A woman is trained to be a follower by tradition but men took advantage of their loving nature.
Worst thing that happen to a woman happen in the muslim world. A muslim like its founder Mohammad has taken full advantage of women and insecured men by turning ignorance into an art. Take for example the abaya women wore to cover their whole body. If there is any abaya that can make a woman invisible, you can be sure muslim men will compel this as the ultimate abaya so they can have their women all by themselves.
Anonymous said…
i donot agree with paulo at all!!i think this person is ignorant as far as deciphering islam is concerned!first and foremost hazrat mohammed(SAW) WAS NOT THE FOUNDER OF ISLAM.islam existed before he was born.secondly i think he is being very judgemental when it comes to muslim women wearing abaya!wat is wrong with wearing an abaya??.its a mater of personal choice.i truly believe that one should not comment on any religion unless that person has FULL knowledge about that religion.the reason muslim women r told to wear an abaya is to protect them from eve teasers.women r given the MOST rights in islam as compared to other religions!.plz refer to the quran and u will find out the authenticity of the aforementioned fact!.last but not the least hazrat mohammed(saw) didnot take advantage of women at all.he gave them immense protection which was the need of the hour.plz pz get ur facts right before u badmouth any religion.DONOT GO ON WAT THE MEDIA TELLS U!
Anonymous said…
u shud leave your prejudice comments out. our beloved Prophet Muhammad was God sent just like Prophet Jesus. we as muslims are modest to wear clothing to fulfil the purpose of covering and not be animals in a jungle

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