Monday, January 01, 2007

Nokia's New Aeon Touch Screen Cell Phone

Now that cameras and MP3 players come as standard for the majority of new models, cell-phone manufacturers are looking for the next big (and shiny) thing to entice users to upgrade -- and touch-screen technologies may be the answer.

Nokia's has posted some images of a new concept phone, called Aeon, that does away with nearly everything that you're likely to expect to find in a traditional mobile handset, such as keypad. Instead, as with a prototype cell phone called Onyx from Synaptics, Aeon is all touch screen.

From the sleek and colorful (obviously touched-up) concept pictures, it appears virtual keys come up on Aeon when you need to make a call. One thing to keep in mind with this concept device (and Onyx for that matter): It is hard enough to keep a smartphone's display clean today, what's it going to be like when the be all and end all of a mobile handset is its screen.


Anonymous said... that phone?? i dont get it lol. btw it looks like a remote! im so confused! lol..but thats hott!

Anonymous said... that a phone?!?!?! i dont get how it works..its kinda weird! btw i looks like a remote..but it could be radical dude...ya well thats hott

vamsi kriahna said...

sooooooooooooooo sexyy...wr can v get it in andhra ????????????????