Bald Britney visits a tattoo parlour

Los Angles: Britney Spears appeared in a tattoo parlour in the San Fernando Valley near Los Angeles with her head shaved completely bald.

Video on KABC-TV showed the newly shorn Spears with tiny tattoos on the back of her neck as she sits on Friday night for a new tattoo, a pair of red and pink lips.

Derrik Snell, who works at the tattoo parlour, said Spears showed up without notice and stayed for about 90 minutes.

“I didn’t really notice (the hairdo) at first, she had a hood on when she showed up.” Before heading to the tattoo parlour, Spears grabbed an electric clipper and shaved her own head at a San Fernando Valley salon.

“I tried to talk her out of it. I said, ‘Are you sure you’re not having a bad day and tomorrow you’ll feel differently about it?” salon owner Esther Tognozzi said.

“She said ‘No, I absolutely want it shaved off right now’. Next thing I know, she grabbed the buzzer and she went to the back of my salon and she was shaving off her own hair,” Tog nozzi said.


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