China sets up ID system to nab dating cheats

Beijing: A leading Chinese match making portal will check the age, marital status and other personal details of prospective cyber daters against an official database to prevent deception.

The portal, Baihe.Com will screen its eight million online daters from Monday against an “ID authentication system”. The new system was jointly developed by the website and the ministry of public security.

“In the long run, we’ll arrange dates only for those who are proven to be telling the truth,” company Ceo Jason Tian said. Tian said the move would enhance trust among online daters, improve credibility and prevent deception, and employees of the website would keep the daters’ personal information strictly confidential. Most Chinese rely on friends and relatives to find a partner, and lack of trust is often cited as a major reason for spurning Internet services.

“People tend to misrepresent themselves online and you never know if you are being told the truth,” said schoolteacher Sun Wei. A survey showed 53 per cent of online daters said they had been cheated and another 32 per cent felt it was risky as partners misrepresented themselves online.

Though more than 10 million Internet users in China have logged on to matchmaking websites, the survey found 75 per cent of them had turned down requests for further contact out of mistrust and 80 per cent felt stricter ID authentication would help remove such deception.

Source: DC


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