Inventions that changed the world

Let’s learn about Thomas Alva Edison who patented 1093 inventions in his lifetime

Undoubtedly one of the greatest inventors of all time, many of Thomas Alva Edison’s inventions changed man’s lifestyle. The electric bulb, sound recording and a crude form of movies were just a few of them. Born in 1847, in Ohio, USA, Edison had little formal schooling. Yet, he was fascinated by science. He spent his young adulthood working extremely hard, and would often spend days experimenting, just to make something work.

In 1869, Edison moved to New York City, where he improved upon a machine called the ‘ticker’ that was used to relay information about the stock market. With the money he earned from this, Edison built what he called an ‘invention factory’ at Menlo Park, near New York. This was, in fact, the world’s first research laboratory.

His next major contribution was in 1877, when he invented the phonograph, a device used to record and playback sounds. What is interesting is that although it worked, Edison couldn’t hear it, as he had poor hearing. But undoubtedly, Edison’s most important invention was the electric light bulb. When he realised that a bulb with a glowing filament would work, it took him thou sands of experiments until he realised that the best material to use was carbonised cotton thread. After that, there was no looking back.

Edison went on to create a complete lighting system, powered by a central generator. His first power plant opened in 1882 and before long, entire cities were lit up with electricity.

In 1889, Edison made yet another breakthrough when he invented the kinetoscope, which was a projector with a small peephole through which viewers could watch short films.

During his lifetime, Edison patented 1093 inventions. He was responsible for making of the first dictating machine, and an improved telephone mouthpiece, besides coming close to inventing the radio. When he died in 1931, at the age of 84, Edison had succeeded in revolutionising the way man lived.

MAJOR INVENTIONS - Cylinder Phonograph - Disc Phonograph - Electricity and the lightbulb - Kinetophone - Kinetoscope - Film projectors - Motion pictures


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