Riding doubles on a 2-wheeler seems to be banned in the Old city

Breaking News!! Flash News!!

Since we stare at work so much, I had wondered if I had read it correct. Yes I had read it right, much to one’s disbelief but then it could have also been a typo error (a big one it would have been) but then it was THE NEWS everywhere.

This new law has an immediate effect and by the words of the City commissioner Mr. Balwinder Singh you can expect more such laws to ‘protect citizens’ (no it isn’t the typical Sardarji joke, it’s for real). This has come in effect due to a recent incident, where a pillion rider had been responsible for a stabbing incident.

These rules are becoming ridiculous with every passing day and hampering normal existence.

We had the Fire department disprove many high-rise projects (higher than a 5 storey building) due to lack on fire safety equipment. This was least expected for a bloating city population supported by a floating suburban population.

Recently we also had the Karnataka government ban woman working in night shifts, this to prevent reduce the chances of assaults on women. So women it’s time you give we men more opportunities.

Moving forward I wouldn’t be surprised if more ridiculous rules came into existence.

* Open top cars, No helmets or head scarves – this would help the Police identify the moving population
* Sex only in hospitals, that too under PG – this might help in birth control
* No slow moving vehicles in the city – this is to avoid traffic snarls. Well, actually this seems to be a pretty good idea.

This only proves that you don’t have to be an IAS or IPS officer to take such decisions.

Courtesy: Vinay Dora


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