Firefox now has a child friendly browser called Glubble

The open source browser, Firefox, which can be freely downloaded, now has a child-friendly extension called Glubble.

Glubble, ( which has a Walt Disney sound and look to it, will make browsing the Internet an easier game for kids. Designed by Glaxstar, a company which has built other free addons for Firefox, the browser is user specific (you need to create a user name and password to browse) and parents can tweak it easily to restrict access to sites according to the age of the child. In that sense, it is parent-friendly too.

It initially gives access to some 350 sites including Disney, National Geographic and Animal Planet, which kids dote on. Parents can add on or delete as they wish. Even if searches are given on Google or Yahoo, kids will get to see only those sites which fit Glubble specifications.


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