Malaysian PM ties the knot for second time

Malaysia's Prime Minister wed on Saturday for the second time, marrying a longtime family friend with whom he fell in love after the death of his first wife nearly two years ago.

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, 67, and Jeanne Abdullah, 53, were married in a simple Islamic ceremony at the Prime Minister's official residence, according to a statement issued by Mr Abdullah's family through national news agency Bernama. Mr Abdullah and Ms Jeanne were scheduled to visit the grave of Endon Mahmood, the Prime Minister's first wife of 40 years, later on Saturday. She died of breast cancer on October 20, 2005. Although stunning, the news of his remarriage did not come as a total shock, since Malaysian news websites and blogs carried rumours early in 2007 that Mr Abdullah was contemplating wedlock.

Many Malaysians believe it is appropriate for Mr Abdullah to remarry so he has a companion in his old age and the country has a first lady


Frankie said…
It would be intresting to know something about the Danker family and also Jeanne's rise to prominence as the first lady of Malaysia

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