Mallika Sherawat set to spread suroor

Asha Bhonsle and Himesh Reshammiya rendered a song together for the first time for Himesh's debut film Aap Kaa Suroor - The Moviee. The song Mehbooba Mehbooba, which is a tribute to Panchamda, was recreated for the film by T-Series. Mallika Sherawat added spice to the screen with her moves while dancing to mystic and eternally alluring Mehbooba associated with the legendary Helen.

Another surprise in the remix version is that Himesh is seen without his trademark cap in the number. Mallika also plays a negative role in the film, that stars Himesh in the lead with Hansika Motwani.

The initial portion of the song shows Mallika dancing against the backdrop of tents. Designer Ashley Rebello has designed a gypsy skirt (with frills) and a tiny, colourful blouse for Mallika. The latter portion of the song is shot in a lavish set-up depicting the interiors of a casino. For this por- tion, Rebello designed a translucent black gown for Mallika. Director Prashant Chadha is taking all the efforts make the song a hit. Saroj Khan has choreographed the song. The song, which has original tracks by R.D. Burman, has been remixed by DJ Akbar Sami.


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