Classics Movies gets a coloured look


Converting black and white Hindi movies into colour is the latest rage. K.Asif's Mughal-e-Azam has paved the way for several black and white Indian films to be converted into colour. After this came B.R. Chopra's Naya Daur, and now Dev Anand is planning to re-release Hum Dono in colour with Dolby Digital Sound.

The movies were big hits once upon a time when they were first released. Even today a lot of people love to watch old movies and listen to the melodies of these timeless classics. But will these films lose their charm by adding colour to the original version or will they become even more popular?

Last year on Diwali, Mugale-Azam was re-released in colour and it turned out to be a success. What made director Akbar Asif, son of K. Asif come up with the idea to convert the movie into colour? He replies, "My father believed in Mugal-e-Azam and created a timeless classic with his belief. The coloured version of this legendary film was thus inevitable. The images of Anarkali and Salim and their immortal love still play through my mind and they look more divine in colour. I think every timeless classic should be colourised."

Next in the queue was B.R. Chopra's Naya Daur, starring Dilip Kumar and Vyajantimala. Ravi Chopra, who initiated the project, is now planning to colourise many of his father's classics. He says, " I think it's a good trend emerging in Bollywood, as the younger generation will surely like to watch these classic movies. I want to remake all seven classics of my father in colour. If I had the copyrights I would love to colourise Guru Dutt's movies like Pyasa." But what about the cost? "The cost to colour the movie is around Rs 4 crores but we get our money back after the release of this movie," says Chopra.

Directors like Raj Sippy also agree with this new trend. "I think it's great to see classic in colour. The younger generation, which is not aware about the legendry actors, will get a chance to go through the experience once again," says Chopra.

Though these movies do not pick up in the first few days, within few weeks they gain popularity. But filmmakers are excited to present the evergreen Indian classics to audiences with a difference.

The classic movies which most of the directors recommended for colouri sation are:
Kagaz ke phool, Pyasa, Gumrah, Sadhana , Sahib, Bibi Aur Ghulam, Kanoon and Dhool Ka Phool


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