Did you know, Why tears flow when you cry?

Shedding tears is an action that does not take place until you are about two months old. When you cry, pressure builds up in your head and the flow of blood to the face increases.

There are two kinds of tears:

Basal tears lubricate your eyeball. The eyeball has a grainy surface, so without the coating of tears, you would not be able to see properly. The tear glands in the eyes produce about ten ounces of basal tears everyday.

Reflex tears protect your eyes against irritants like onion fumes and foreign objects. The amount of protein produced by emotional tears is about 20-25 per cent more than other kinds of tears.

According to scientists, tears are a way for the body to get rid of wastes. Another interesting theory is that tears are also a way of communication.

Researchers say that ever since ancient times, people who insisted on something usually got what they wanted. So maybe crying was evolved as a means of communication, as people who cried the loudest were most likely to get whatever they wanted! Sound familiar?


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