IT Watch: New virus plays on browser

New virus is playing a nasty game using Internet Explorer and Firefox, rival browsers jostling for space in desktops. Security researchers say that it uses IE to force Firefox to open ‘windows' to download malware and to alter security settings in the PC.

It is a roundabout way of making mischief and seems all the more funny because of the rivalry between the two browsers. A Symantec researcher said that the virus made use of flaws in both the browsers. "Here we have a case of two very complex applications that simply don't play nice together," he said. "When you put them both on the same machine it becomes a security problem.

A museum for PCs

A major museum's tracing the history of computers being set up in Bletchley Park in London, where the first ‘modern' computers were set up during World War II. The main attraction of the museum would be the aptly named Colossus computer which was rigged up to enable code breakers to intercept communications of German generals at the peak of the war.

It will enable visitors to trace the evolution of the computer from the Colossus, which could not be fit into a large room, to hand-held PCs which will snugly fit into coat pockets. One fascinating aspect of the museum is that all the computers displayed there would be functioning ones, including the Colossus, which has now been restored.

iShare from Rediff

Inspired by the roaring success of Orkut, Rediff India has launched a social networking and content sharing site named iShare. It will enable users to share photos, videos, content, blogposts and music. A simple utility tool has to be downloaded and installed in the computer to enable active sharing and this will help users to upload videos and music from mobiles and mp3 players easily. The website supports several formats including mpeg, wmv and avi. Rediff India claims that iShare will be the first exclusive social networking site for Indians, both within the country and abroad. The company has also tied up with Zee Televsion to enable singers aspiring to take part in the popular ‘Saregama' show to upload their audio files on iShare.


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