One billion good reasons

If you are jubilant about the Taj Mahal making it to the new seven wonders of the world, then you have a reason to celebrate World Population Day in India. It is reported that 8 million people voted for the Taj from their cellphones and over the internet and this would not have been possible if India's population wasn't this huge. The businessman who came up with this scheme benfitted the most as over Rs 8 million (international SMSes cost more) were incurred by Indians who voted via SMS.

In a country like India where the population seems to be ceaselessly proliferating, let's look at how our numbers have a made a positive difference instead of viewing things from a pessimistic perspective.

Professor Madhavan Shankaranth, Principal of Delhi Public School, Jeddah agrees, "Indians have definitely made an international reputation professionally as being well qualified in technology. Indian consultants and students who go abroad are looked upon as having tremendous focus and being very disciplined."

Gone are the days when Indians were restricted to a small community in the world. Natasha Rai, a student doing her animation course in California says "There are several Indians so when I had been there for the first time it was easier for me to fit in and not experience as big a culture shock like my other friends from different countries because there were so many Indians around. Americans on the East Coast are already familiar with Indians and they know more about us so they don't find it hard to relate to us although it's a white dominated place."

Aftab Mannan, a software engineer, had been to Canada for six months and says, "I was shocked to meet so many Indians in Calgary, from taxi drivers to high-end professionals, I often visited this street where you could get Indian goods, because it made me feel so much at home interacting with so many Indians in a foreign land."

It is not only the NRIs who take pride in India but also the residents of the country. Sevika Khurana, wing commander, says, "Indians are competent and I would say they are improving world economy in a big way." She further adds, "Insurgency in our country is so dense, because of our vast population we can actually safeguard our country if every Indian joins the army."


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