Sanjay Dutt sentenced to 6 yrs in prison

Tuesday, July 31, 2007 (Mumbai): Actor Sanjay Dutt has been sentenced to six years in prison for illegal possession of arms in connection with the 1993 Mumbai blasts case.

In his observation on Sanjay Dutt the judge said that acquisition of guns showed scant respect for law.

The judge cancelled Dutt's bail and he will be taken into custody right away. He has been fined a sum of Rs 25,000.

However, Dutt's lawyers said that they will appeal in the Supreme Court.

Soon after the verdict was pronounced Dutt asked the judge to be allowed to call his daughter and also pleaded for few days to surrender.

Earlier, the judge had refused the probation report of Dutt and other accused Yusuf Nullwala and Kersi Adajania.

He also said that Dutt committed the offence and also made others do so. He further observed that Dutt made Nullwala an offender by making him destroy the weapon.

Nullwala has been sentenced to five years in prison while Kersi gets two years in jail.

One of the aides of Sanjay Dutt, Russi Mulla who was also accused in the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts case has been let off by the special TADA court.

Mulla will be given probation on surety of Rs 1 lakh and will be under observation for a year.

The trial in the Mumbai serial blasts case finally came to an end with all 100 convicted being sentenced. The serial blasts on March 12, 1993 had killed 257 people.

Arthur jail to house Sanjay Dutt

Arthur Road Jail is Mumbai's highest security prison with 22 barracks meant to house 800 undertrials. But currently it's home to 3000 inmates.

Among them are the who's who of the Mumbai underworld.
  • Dawood's brother Iqbal Kaskar, key aides Ejas Pathan, Saleem Shaikh and Ehtesham Haji.
  • The Chhota Rajan gang represented by DK Rao, Saji Joseph and Vineet Yadav.
  • Also Ashwin Naik, notorious for instigating gang wars inside prison.
All of them are either held in a separate barrack or in the dreaded unda cell.

The cell is an isolation cell shaped like an egg, meant for terrorists and hardcore criminals, where Sanjay Dutt was kept briefly during his 18-month prison stint.

If he is convicted by the TADA court, Dutt will go back not to the unda cell, but to the barrack next to the court.

It's a barrack where all those who have been held guilty or are awaiting verdict in the 1993 blasts case are being held.

Before Judge Kode began delivering his order, the barrack already had 30 blast accused. Since then, 60 more have been added. This is where Dutt will go if he is convicted.

Source: NDTC


Anonymous said…
The sentence being reversed appears to be slim at this point. For Dutt, this dialogue from his Munnabhai film should seem apt: “Ek kahani khatam toh dujee shuru ho gayee...Mamu.”
The clear message that is coming from the judiciary and the government is that there will be no middle ground on treating people involved in such cases. The court has proven that it has not treated Dutt as a celebrity.
The news of the sentencing has just come in. I wonder how this news will go down with the film fraternity. What will be the reaction of his fans and the general public? Does the public see Dutt in the same way it sees Munnabhai? A Munnabhai who fought for the have-nots, and who showed them what love is? Or, will they look at him as Dutt, who stocked firearms in his house during the communal riots instead of seeking police protection for his family?
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