Shilpa's marriage talk is speculatory

Shilpa Shetty is not fighting off the men. She's single and ready to mingle," said her publicist and spokesper son Dale Bhagwagar, replying to the rumours of her impending mar riage to NRI business man Raj Kundra.

"Mr Kundra is her friend and has helped her in the launch of her per fume S2 in the UK. But let me insist that the marriage rumours are speculato ry," he says. "Let her get the right guy and she will surely settle down. But right now, there isn't one," he adds. Do such stories upset Shilpa? "Yes, she does get a little upset at times, but I guess she is now coming to terms with the fact that such rumours are part and parcel of being an international celebrity," Bhagwagar observes.

"Shilpa is a great human being and all the recent success and international stardom hasn't changed her nature at all. She remains the smiling, loving and affectionate down-to-earth girl," he remarks.

When asked if he feels we are having an overdose of Shilpa, Bhagwagar retorts, "Being in the media glare only hurts when one hasn't got anything to talk about. But after Metro, Apne and the launch of her signature perfume; Shilpa received the honorary doctorate in the UK. Coming up is a DVD video on yoga to be shot in the Himalayas; a chain of restaurants - starting with one in Central London; her cookery book; her signature designer wear collection; a Broadway musical and the role of Sita in Uru Patel's international venture Hanuman. These will be followed by other interesting announcements which we have currently kept under wraps. With so much to talk about, one can't avoid the media attention."


Anonymous said…
it's all BAKWAS ...they also found PUSPAK VIMAN ...(Plane) Bhangwan ke naam par sab kuch people Belive...:) anyway it's like another indian Myth.

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