Some frequently used terms on net:

'H&K to QT' is new chat lingo

New terms of communication have evolved on the net, courtesy networking sites like Facebook and Orkut. Netizens coin their own terms of communication in order to make conversations shorter and crisper. But with so much evolution in technology; it's really hard to keep pace with lingo that's constantly changing.

BRB (be right back), ASL (age, sex, location) and LOL (laugh out loud) are outdated abbreviations now. The new short forms that are in these days are QT (cutie), IM (instant message), H&K (hugs and kisses) etc For instance, while chatting if you receive this symbol - ‘:p' don't get astounded as it signifies the act of sticking your tongue out and is meant to be a sign of affection. Such symbols are popular because they add colour to the communication process says Roma Gill, a BPO employee. She admits that earlier these terms sounded strange to her but eventually she became acquainted with them. "If we apply our mind then we can easily figure out what the terms mean. While chatting we use ‘dat' for ‘that' or ‘der' for ‘there' and many such short forms. And if I do not understand a term I ask my friends"

Srinivas, a businessman who is on Orkut and Facebook uses short forms to make the conversation more brisk. He says, "It's the ‘cool' factor attached to it, which is making this trend so popular.

Even though many people do not understand everything they pretend to do so."

Whenever a new term is introduced it slowly gains popularity and becomes a part of day-to-day conversations too. New phrases like ‘Ping me back' or ‘happy hours' are widely in use, and they only mean ‘call me back', and ‘leisure time after office' respectively. Abhishek, a businessman says, "Recently someone messaged me ‘toodles' on my scrapbook. It was a new term for me and later on I came to know that toodles means bye-bye." Adds Shagun Sharma, an associate working with a private bank, "One of my friends used ‘STICH' on my chat portal which I did not understood. Then she replied back saying that it means, what's your plan for the day? Everyone these days is using these terms to convey messages in a quick but creative manner."

So, the next time you log on to the net don't use the same SOS (same old stuff) and try to come up with something more innovative. This way you'll be able to widen your social contacts too.

Some frequently used terms on net are: EMA: E-mail address JAS: just a second CUL: see you later F9: fine STR8: Straight PPL: people WT?: What Toddles: Bye-Bye Ping: Call some TIA: thanks TC: Take care H&K: Hugs and kisses


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