Satyam to build digital car technology

Satyam Computer Services Ltd on Friday kick started its "India's digital car" project Hera FxV, a "technology demonstrator" aimed at attracting research and development in the automotive sector.

Hera FxV would help car makers convert a concept into technology and would help in reducing time to design products from 36 months to 18. The framework is expected to be ready in 24 months.

Satyam launched the initiative at a Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) conference titled e-Automotive R&D 2007: The Opportunities Ahead.

Satyam Computer Services chairman B. Ramalinga Raju said, "Now the time has come for India Inc to go beyond being a services outsourcing destination and get into the league of IP led innovation driven services and thereby being acknowledged as the global R&D, design and innovation hub." The digital car project is the effort of a consortium of different players like educational institutions and auto component majors, with Satyam acting as the integrator.

Hera FxV would provide research support services to global automotive industries in the area of alternate fuels, hybrid engines, virtual test drive solutions, and other emerging areas like infotainment and infotronics.

"Satyam would provide technology framework, infrastructure solutions in design, infotronics, collaborative engineering, digital manufacturing and supply chain solutions," said Mr Subu D. Subramanian, Satyam director and senior vice-president, manufacturing and automotive business group.

Mr Subramanian, who is also chairman-CII (SR) ICT Forum, said, "India has the opportunity to be the global R&D, design and innovation hub for the automo-tive industry with devices becoming more intelligent driven by more and more electronics and software components. We would like to facilitate this integration of design and manufacturing capabilities."

The consortium would include industry bodies such as AIAG, OESA and SAE, academic institutions such as the Indian Institute of Science and Purdue University and industry players, he said.


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