Wikipedia's search tool

Jimmy Wales, the founder of the popular Wikipedia, is now planning to barge into the terrain of search engines. He told a conference of software developers the other day that his company Wikia Inc was planning to launch a community based search service.

Wikia has acquired web crawler Grub to power the search service. But the real power will rest on millions of anonymous users, who will use their spare time to index and collate searches.

Like Wikipedia, the search service will depend on humans and not on algorithms which are used by Google and other popular search engines. "We (will) collectively work to free the judgment of information from invisible rules inside an algorithmic black box," said Wales.

He added that the new service may change the balance of power in the search terrain. We can take him at his word.

YouTube to clean up

The free for all in YouTube may soon come to end. The popular website has decided to introduce recognition technology from September to prevent uploading of copyrighted videos.

A lawyer representing YouTube told a United States court hearing a copyright case that the company was planning to deploy recognition technology which akin to the one used by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The new technology would help the website to quickly identity digital fingerprints on copyrighted videos and shut them down within a minute. At present, hundreds of thousands of videos of all kinds are indiscriminately uploaded in every day.


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