Yahoo gets upper hand over Google

A new survey has found that Net users are more satisfied with Yahoo than Google.

Yahoo scored 79 points while Google got 78 points in the survey conducted by the University of Michigan. Though Yahoo has only a slight edge over Google, it has much to gloat about. Last year, Google had a five point lead over Yahoo.

It was the comprehensive services offered by Yahoo's portal which shifted votes in its favour, researchers said. Though Google is still the favourite search tool, it has not been able to promote its other services as robustly as Yahoo.

Larry Freed, president of Foresee Results which did the survey for the university, pointed out that users don't see anything different in Google's portal from what they saw three years ago. But Yahoo has refurbished its portal and gained in points.

Microsoft offers update

Microsoft on Tuesday released 14 critical updates to plug loopholes in several of its applications. Those who don't make use of the automatic update facility can download them from the Microsoft Update website.

Several of the patches are meant to fix critical vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer 7 which were being exploited by malware peddlers. Three such loopholes were fixed through the latest batch of patches.

MS also corrected a problem in XML Core Services, a Windows component linked to IE. This was also exploited by hackers. A major flaw in another application called vector markup language was also patched up.

It's now music phone

After a machine now iPhone, mobile is longer to make calls with.

AT&T, for instance, is joining hands with LG Electronics to bring out a new mobile phone where all emphasis is on music. The new phone, named Trax, will have AT&T Mobile Music and will also give users access to Napster and eMusic, both subscription services. They will also be able to access streaming videos and radio with the help of MobiTV and XM Radio Mobile.

Trax can also access AT&T's Cellular Video service, which provides content fro-m CNN and HBO. It is being touted as a communication and entertainment instrument, with emphasis on the latter.


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