A home aquarium for your pet fish

Have you heard the proverb, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy'? If you have, then isn't it time you got your self a hobby? How about fish? Forget dogs, fish could be your best friends. Get yourself an aquarium - a small fish bowl or a rectangular fish tank. Now you need some fish and a few odds and ends. Interested? Then here is what you have to do.

Buy a stand for your aquarium or ensure that it is on a secure, level surface, preferably where there is diffused sunlight. Remember that if you put your aquarium in the direct sunlight, you will get algae forming in the tank and your water will become overheated. Buy a clear plastic or glass top for the tank as this will keep the dirt out and help maintain an even water temperature.

Now you can start to do up your aquarium. Buy some sand or gravel and soak it overnight before laying it out on the bottom of the tank. Plants are important as they not only add to the visual appeal but also absorb the carbon dioxide and keep the water fresh. Rinse these thoroughly before embedding them into the gravel.

Fish, like all living things, need clean air to breathe - so you must get an air pump with a filter device. Now comes the water. The size of your aquarium and the water you put in it will depend on how many fish you want to keep. Each fish requires at least 50 square inches of water surface.

Selecting fish is a wonderful task as they come in a variety of colours and types. Goldfish are ideal; more popular freshwater species include guppies and swordtails. Select fish that appear lively, wellfed and free of fungus. Do some research and read up as much as you can about fish and how to keep your aquarium looking as good as new.

Feed your fish twice a day with fish food available from the local pet shop. Observe how much the fish can eat in 10 minutes, that's their capacity. Don't give them more food as it will only pollute the tank.

Remember to clean the tank regularly, especially the sides. Remove the sediment and decaying plants.

Once you get going you will find that watching the gentle movement of the fish can be relaxing, especially after a hard day at school. You will also find yourself falling in love with your hobby and wanting to do more and more to upgrade the aquarium, fish and the gadgetry that goes into making your aquarium the best.

And just for the record, there is no plural of fish - hence there are no fishes only fish!


Samantha said…
What kind of fish are the best if your a kid. And which ones live the longest?

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