Cure sinus, headache in few minutes

Shashankasana (The Moon Pose) Method: Sit with legs folded backwards, heels apart, knees and toes together. Stretch your toes on the ground.

Adjust your hips between the heels (Vajrasana posture). Slowly raise your arms over the head. While exhaling, slowly bend forward and stretch your palms on the floor with pulling in your abdomen and pressing it against the thighs. Then bring your face downwards and touch the floor with the fore head without raising the butt ocks. When you are in the pose, re member to continue breathing normally. Make sure that you are comfort able; otherwise you will be unable to relax properly. Be in position for at least 15 seconds. Inhale slowly, return to an upright position, reversing the process.

Benefits: In Shashankasana, the head is bent downwards, it allows better circulation towards the brain.

This has numerous benefits, such as improved concentration and memory. There are a numerous physical benefits of Shashankasana. For example, headaches and sinus congestion almost immediately vanish after one stays in this pose for a few minutes. The increased circulation when you practice this pose helps the heart. But, most of the physical benefits are related to the spinal cord. It tones the spinal nerves and helps in relieving arthritic pain. Shashankasana alleviates back pain, neck pain, and massages the sciatic nerve. It alleviates ab dominal ailments when it's practiced with proper breathing. It is an excellent asana for digestion.

If you inhale and exhale as indicated in the method, you can get rid of stomach ulcers and in digestion problems. Because it also massages the pancreas, it's useful in the prevention and cure of diabetes.


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