Health queries are just a click away

Pritish Nandy Communications has announced that Moksh, its wellness destination at Breach Candy, is now going online with India's first wellness site which was inaugurated by actor Suneil Shetty television's popular fitness guru.

The site aims to create a nationwide community of health and fitness enthusiasts who will share their experiences, ideas, health tips and knowledge with each other. There will be five gurus offering advice online - the Soul Guru, the Trim Guru, the Grub Guru, the Glam Guru and the Naach Guru.

Shiv Yogi, who teaches stretch yoga and passion yoga at Moksh and is currently training Shilpa Shetty for her forthcoming yoga video, will answer queries on yoga, health and spirituality as the Soul Guru. Vaishali Mehta, noted dietician and nutritionist, weight management expert at Moksh will answer queries as the Grub Guru and advise online guests on how to eat well and stay fit. Nisha Maloo, trainer and fitness expert at Moksh, will provide ideas and tips on how to stay trim as the Trim Guru.

Anees Muss, famous hairstylist, will offer advice as the Glam Guru while Abhishek Zaveri, who runs a dance class, will be the Naach Guru. More gurus are expected to join the pantheon in the coming months.

"The idea behind the site is to create a community of people who see fitness as fun and exciting. That's the motto behind Moksh and that will be the motto behind this site as well," Pritish Nandy, chairman of Pritish Nandy Communications, said.

"Movies and wellness start with the same premises: delight, joy and magic. That's why we celebrate both," Pritish added.


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