Photos of Princess Diana's last moment


It proved a dramatic day in court yesterday as the coroner began his inquest into the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, by immediately appearing to demolish conspiracy theories surrounding the crash, and making public poignant pictures that show her final moments. Dramatic, previously unpublished photographs shown to the jury were released last night.

Diana, sitting in the back, can be seen turning around and peering over her left shoulder to look out of the rear window at the pursuing photographers' vehicles. Her movement is unrestrained by a seatbelt. Beside her is Dodi, apparently hunched over, but facing forward.

The pictures capture Diana and Dodi in the back of the black Mercedes shortly before the crash in the Pont d'Alma underpass in Paris, which took their lives more than ten years ago. Other images, later posted on the inquest's official website, also show the extent of the damage to the car caused by its collision inside the tunnel, Scotsman reports.

Other photos taken by emergency services show the damage done to the car by the impact of the crash. The front wheels are pushed into the body of the car.The princess, Dodi Fayed and their driver, Henri Paul, were all killed when their Mercedes crashed into a concrete pillar in an underpass near the Ritz hotel, which the couple had visited on the 31 August, 1997.


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