Shilpa Shetty tops all Bond Girl polls

Sunny Deol will be directing Shilpa Shetty in his home production, The Man. This is the first film Shilpa has signed after the success of Celebrity Big Brother. Her publicist Dale Bhagwagar confirmed the news saying, "Yes, Shilpa will indeed be directed by Sunny and Neeraj Pathak in The Man. It will be fun for her as Sunny has been her co-star in more than three films and she admires him too."

Her last release Apne was with the Deols too, though it was completed before her CBB participation. When we probed further on Shilpa's other projects, Bhagwagar said, "I can't reveal the names of makers who have approached Shilpa, but I can tell you that there are many. There are offers from the UK, the US and Bollywood. Shilpa is going through a dozen scripts at the moment and you will hear some very interesting announcements soon. Apart from The Man, she has also given the nod to Uru Patel's international venture Hanuman (where she would be playing the role of Sita)." The Internet has been full of reports that Shilpa is in talks with the producers of Bond 22. Bhagwagar clarifies, "I cannot deny or confirm the reports. What I can reveal as of now is that Shilpa has been leading in all opinion polls on various forums, websites, blogs, as the premier choice for being the next Bond Girl. People from across the world have been voting for her as their best bet to star opposite Daniel Craig. This kind of admiration is as thrilling as any Bond movie. She will always be indebt ed to her fans for showing so much faith in her."

Bond films often have their heroines going nude. Lovemaking scenes too form an integral part of Bond movies. Will Shilpa do the dare-bare scenes if the role requires her to? "Shilpa has never stopped doing glamourous roles in Bollywood, but it is premature to comment on how comfortable she'll be doing revealing scenes in Hollywood. Though aesthetically shot love making scenes shouldn't be an issue," Bhagwagar said.

Shilpa has recently turned down foreign films like Pink Panther 2 and Quick Slip Me A Bride. Currently, she is back in the UK from Germany, after rocking the audiences across Europe, with her musical Miss Bollywood. She will soon make a short trip to Belgium and Hungary for more shows and will be back in the UK in December to perform at the Royal Albert Hall.


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