Tips to score high marks in examinations

To get high marks might be a challenge for most of the students but if one follows the right path, they will realize that it is after all not a difficult job. Following are some ways to achieve high scores in various exams:

¦ Scientific aspects of study atmosphere The first step towards taking an effort to do well in studies is to create a suitable study atmosphere. The important aspects in it include proper ventilation, lighting arrangement, study place, sitting posture, and direction of sitting.

¦ Set your goal Living without a goal is like traveling without any destination. Many students study for the sake of their parents. Most of the problems of students will disappear if the goal is clear. Students must have a common goal to be an outstanding student.

¦ Programming the mind One has to have positive programming, which can overcome negative traits easily. They must indulge in self encouragement such as "I can do it" or "I can achieve it".

¦ Concentration techniques: Preparing the mind For a student, an essential requirement is concentration power. Deep breathing helps in controlling one's metabolism, which will in turn make the mind clearer. Motivation is also required to improve one's attention to their studies.

¦ Memory techniques Memory is the most important requirement for one to excel in every walk of life, including studies. To get a better memory, try to keep aside two minutes after breakfast, to recall in the same order of what you did after you woke up and proceed with your work. repeat this after lunch and dinner . Do this for one month and see the difference.

¦ Time management Always be punctual and avoid postponing your work. Minimize television watching, computer games, internet usage and gossiping as they consume a lot of time without one's knowledge. Have a proper planning for the day.

¦ Systematic study planning Once a student receives the time tables for exams, they must divide the syllabus and study pattern according to the time in hand and must follow it strictly.

¦ On the day of the exam During exams, students must follow various conditions such as at least eight hours of sleep, meditation (for concentration), have breakfast and ready the materials required for exam.

¦ Exam presentation skills A student must select the question, that they can answer first and must keep in mind the time. Must read the answer sheet at least once before handing it over.

(Extracts taken from How to Excel in Studies and Score High Marks by Dr J. N. Reddy published by MAX Academy for Excellence)


Alan said…
Interesting Book. Theres another similar work, probably more practicle and useful to most students and scholars. Check it out at
charan said…
This is an interesting book.U can conttrol ur mind and come out of so amny tensions at exams time obviously.
tejasvini said…
this is truly ossam . do always guide we students the sme way
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Dheerendra said…
how can i recieve this book???
saraswathy said…
these are very useful............thankyou very much
saraswathy said…
these are very useful............thankyou very much
saraswathy said…
these are very useful............thankyou very much
stefin abraham said…
sir where can we get this book...

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