Top 10 Movie One-Liners

They are a part of our daily dialogue. The perfect line for the perfect situation. Rarely does the brain and the mouth collide with such poetic harmony. These days we use words like "cool" or "awesome" when we could be saying things like "frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn." But really, who would say something that retarded.

#10 "Bond...James Bond" - You can pretty much say any name this way and it sounds cool. Especially if you're Sean Connery.

#9 You Can't Handle The Truth - As we look back, it's really quite ironic that this line was delivered to Tom Cruise.

#8 "Are You Talkin' To Me?" - A useful line for so many social situations. Especially when you're being propositioned by a homeless person for some spare change.

#7 "Say Hello To My Little Friend" - The perfect line for any man to use in any sexual situation.

#6 "Go Ahead...Make My Day" - The king of all bad ass movie lines. Granted, Clint Eastwood could say, "I have a serious yeast infection" and it'd still sound bad ass.

#5 "I'm Gonna Make Him An Offer He Can't Refuse" - This never seems to work when you're talking to your mechanic.

#4 "Here's Looking At You Kid" - Today's translation of this line would be something like, "baby, your ass looks really good in those jeans."

#3 "I Love The Smell Of Napalm In The Morning" - Some film experts believe napalm was a euphemism for vagina in this scene.

#2 "I'll Be Back" - Arnold's greatest line next to, "It's not a tumor!"

#1 "I Am Your Father" - Anyone can argue that other movie lines were better, but we all remember that moment in the theater watching this scene of Empire Strikes Back and saying, "Excuse me? What the hell did Darth Vader just say?"


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