The fresh, funky look works best for teenagers

If you've just started experimenting with make up, it's probably not a good idea to use your mother's or your sister's stuff. Girls, buy your own products and follow these tips from celebrity makeup artist Manzoor Khan. Remember, for teenagers, the funda to follow is: Less is more.

Keep it simple. You could start with a lip gloss or a lip stain in shades like peach, baby pink or nude. Avoid lipstick and stay away from dark lip colors as they don't suit youngsters.

The key is to look fresh and pretty, so don't overdo your eyes either. Use an eyelash curler to give shape to your lashes, then apply a coat of mascara. This will give your face a fresh, open eyed look. Your eyes don't need anything else, but if you're going for a wedding, you could apply a little bit of kajal to define your eyes. Ensure not to use heavy, dark eye make-up as it would only make you look older. Eyeshadow is also not recommended as it could look a bit much.

Your skin at this age doesn't require any foundation, but if you must, you can go for some blusher. Don't use powder blush - choose a cream blush in a subtle shade and apply on your cheekbones to add a rosy glow to your face. Make sure not to use too much, and blend it well.

When it comes to hairstyles, long hair with soft curls is in. Keep it natural. Avoid chemical treatments, straightening and rebonding procedures. These harsh treatments will only leave your hair dry and damaged. Just wash and condition your hair regularly. Wearing your hair loose is the best option. You can either leave it open or add some funky, colourful accessories to jazz up your do.


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